Terrorism Defined

Terrorism is an act of violence of killing people by using various organized methods. Today terrorism has become a global issue and has been spread across as many faces such as by religious groups, political motives of many political parties, activist groups and many more. Terrorist attacks have been increasing in number with each day passing and governments around the World have never succeeded till today to find out a solution for this problem.

There are always different motives behind terrorist attacks. Sometime there is plane hijacking to get other terrorists out of prisons, attacks on public places for killing more and more people and threaten them, suicide bombings for killing, attacks on high profile peoples, attacks to send a message via media such as Boston marathon bombing at the finish line and Infiltration into other countries has been increased from the neighbouring countries causing the killing of soldiers and common people.

The terrorist groups have been funded by collection of money on name of religion, revolution and as protection money, Smuggling and money from betting. Many political parties also support these kinds of activities to gain the upper hand and solve their political motives.

Terrorist attacks have been well organized and secretly planned for very large scale of damage. The terrorists have been provided with the special tactics and trainings for carrying out their task. They also take advantage of media and technology to pass on their messages to the whole World.

Today terrorism can be explained under many activities performed by them such as cyber terrorism includes spam and virus attacks on governments and other official websites, bio terrorism constitute of use of biological war fares such as chemical, viruses, and toxins to kill people, state terrorism is act caused by people of one state against another. Many countries are also dealing with domestic terrorism activities which have been a big threat to the development.

Governments of every country are making their strict policies against such acts and are standing together and supporting each other to overcome these terrorist actions.